Source code for influxdb_client.client.labels_api

"""Labels are a way to add visual metadata to dashboards, tasks, and other items in the InfluxDB UI."""

from typing import List, Dict, Union

from influxdb_client import LabelsService, LabelCreateRequest, Label, LabelUpdate

[docs]class LabelsApi(object): """Implementation for '/api/v2/labels' endpoint.""" def __init__(self, influxdb_client): """Initialize defaults.""" self._influxdb_client = influxdb_client self._service = LabelsService(influxdb_client.api_client)
[docs] def create_label(self, name: str, org_id: str, properties: Dict[str, str] = None) -> Label: """ Create a new label. :param name: label name :param org_id: organization id :param properties: optional label properties :return: created label """ label_request = LabelCreateRequest(org_id=org_id, name=name, properties=properties) return self._service.post_labels(label_create_request=label_request).label
[docs] def update_label(self, label: Label): """ Update an existing label name and properties. :param label: label :return: the updated label """ label_update = LabelUpdate() = = return self._service.patch_labels_id(, label_update=label_update).label
[docs] def delete_label(self, label: Union[str, Label]): """ Delete the label. :param label: label id or Label """ label_id = None if isinstance(label, str): label_id = label if isinstance(label, Label): label_id = return self._service.delete_labels_id(label_id=label_id)
[docs] def clone_label(self, cloned_name: str, label: Label) -> Label: """ Create the new instance of the label as a copy existing label. :param cloned_name: new label name :param label: existing label :return: clonned Label """ cloned_properties = None if is not None: cloned_properties = return self.create_label(name=cloned_name, properties=cloned_properties, org_id=label.org_id)
[docs] def find_labels(self, **kwargs) -> List['Label']: """ Get all available labels. :key str org_id: The organization ID. :return: labels """ return self._service.get_labels(**kwargs).labels
[docs] def find_label_by_id(self, label_id: str): """ Retrieve the label by id. :param label_id: :return: Label """ return self._service.get_labels_id(label_id=label_id).label
[docs] def find_label_by_org(self, org_id) -> List['Label']: """ Get the list of all labels for given organization. :param org_id: organization id :return: list of labels """ return self._service.get_labels(org_id=org_id).labels